July 15, 2017

The NXR-48 / 52 NEMESIS


Price - $19,000 plus GST (standard config)
Deck Size - 48 or 52 inch
Batteries - 1 x LEM4880 or 1 x LEM48140
Battery Operation Time - 1.5 or 2.5 hours continuous
Battery Life - 2,400 hours
Speed - 13.6 km/hr
Charge time - 6 hours (4.5 hours with fast charger)
Weight - 275 kg
Operational Noise Level - 76 dB
Cutting height - 1~5 inches
Fuel and Maintenance Savings - Up to 88% (depending on operating hours)
Electric Blower Attachment - Option
LED Headlight Kit - Option
Inverter Cable - Option
Solar panels (Free Charge) - Option


The NEMESIS is a life-style blocker designed for large residential properties or less-intensive commercial use. At only 272 kg, the mower is light and quick thanks to the extensive use of light-weight aluminium, and high-strength steel.

You have the choice of the standard 48 inch deck, or MONSTER MODE with a 52 inch deck will have you sailing along at up to 13 km/hr. Aerospace inspired trailing-link, front-caster suspension and double-density seat foam make for a very smooth ride.

Two choices of batteries are available depending on the size of your property or work load. The LEM4880 Green Lithium Battery will provide plenty of power for mowing around one hectare (about 1.5 hours) and the LEM48140 boosts productivity to around two hectares (2.5 hours).

Operating at 76db, your neighbours will wonder what that quiet green thing is you are whipping around on in the middle of night – if you choose to mow with the optional LED floodlights, of course. The machine simply is that quiet.

The solar panel canopy SAM provides extra operating time and also keeps the sun off. There is also the option of attaching some solar panels to your garage or workshop and charging up for free.

The NEMISIS is the latest mower in the Mean Green lineup and is simply a cool machine to operate.

Check out the video here:

You also have a mobile store of electricity available at your fingertips – an optional cable connected to an inverter will keep the lights on for a couple of days.