February 12, 2021

The Vanquish

Deck Size - Choice of 52 or 60 inch deck
Standard Deck - Side-discharge
Deck Options - Straight rear-discharge or full mulching
Mow time - 4.5~7.25 hours
Battery Life - 6,000~9,000 mowing hours
Battery Rating - Choice of 14.5 kW/h or 22 kW/h
Charge Time - 10 hours
Blade Motors - 3 x 4.0 kW/h
Drive Motors - 2 x 5.0 kW/h
Equivalent HP Rating - 36 HP Petrol
Slope Rating - 20 degrees
Weight - 535 kg
Electronic Deck Control - Yes
Top Speed - 18.5 km/h
Noise Rating - 82 d(B)a
Blade speed – High/Low - 18,000 fpm/16,900 fpm
Full Road Kit - Option
Blower Package - Option
ZTR-Jack - Option
Finance - Available – Normal conditions apply

The new VANQUISH™ model brings stand-on mowing to the Evolution Series of commercial, electric mowers. Available with a 52″ or 60″ cut (side/rear discharge), the VANQUISH runs for up to seven hours continuously at speeds of up to 18.5 km/h. It features Mean Green’s patented ZTR technologies that make it competitive with any petrol mower in its class. The VANQUISH is a quiet, low maintenance, zero emission mower that is built for all-day professional use.

Speed and power are obviously important for commercial operations, but having a mower that is smart and efficient is also key. The Vanquish is constructed of a strong aluminum alloy which provides great strength with super lightweight efficiency. Less weight means less power to move around which means longer run times per battery charge. The Vanquish also has more smart technology than most any mower. Our full CANbus communication system allows all of our components to “talk” to each other to provide the most efficient operation. Our patent pending deck lift system can be operated with the push of a button on our new touch screen display. The new more powerful blade controllers monitor the blade motors to deliver more power than ever but only when needed.  The two speed blade speed and drive speed options allow the operator to pick the most efficient or most powerful setting.

The Vanquish is most impressive in the areas of low noise and endurance. Mowing can start early in the morning because the machine has a super low noise level of just 78dba.

The durable Interactive Touch Screen Display with pass code and administrator mode is function tested in all environments to ensure long term reliability. The touch screen displays full functionality of the machine including battery consumption, state of charge, deck lift system, blade speed control, and drive speed settings. EASY push button START – NO keys needed!

Our SmartDeck™ rapid height deck lift system can be operated with the push of a button. When approaching curbs or obstacles, a simple touch of the stand-alone electronic rocker switch will completely elevate the deck within 2.8 seconds!

Standard front tweels are designed to achieve excellent cutting results and outstanding rider comfort, while eliminating downtime caused by flat tires and unseated beads.

Stability on slopes up to 20 degrees due to the Evolution Series mass centralized, ultra-low center of gravity, and engineered battery configuration located only 20 centimeters above the ground.