July 15, 2017

The WBX-33 Self-Drive

Price - $18,000 plus GST for standard config
Deck Size - 33 inch
Batteries - 1 x LEM48140
Battery Operation Time - 7 hours continuous
Battery Life - 8,400 hours
Speed - 8.0 km/hr
Charge time - 3 hours
Weight - 175 kg
Operational Noise Level - 73 dB
Cutting height - 1~4 inches
Fuel and Maintenance Savings - Up to 88% (depending on operating hours)
Inverter Cable - Option


The WBX-33 is a self-drive mower designed to mow larger lawns in high-profile areas that require a really quiet machine. This mower operates at 73db – what was that?

This mower will keep working constantly for 7-hours straight. Common to all Mean Green Mowers, you can choose either the high or low blade speed depending on mowing conditions. Moreover, the operator, drive speed dial means you can set the speed of the mower to suit your preferred walking speed.     

Another common feature is that if you are running low on power, the blades will automatically shut down allowing you to drive the machine back to base. This is an unlikely scenario, however, if you remember to charge up every night.

Why punish yourself in the pocket, breathe carcinogenic fumes or put your ears at risk by continuing to use diesel or petrol machines? There is no choking, cranking, warming up or gear changes. No belts or filters to replace. Just a one-click start and you are away.

Do you really need the hassle of carting around fuel with you? Do you still want to experience those unavoidable spillages of fuel and oil that are damaging to the environment?

The WBX-33 caters for most lawns with seven adjustable height adjustments ranging from 1~4 inches (2.5cm~10.0cm).      

Check out the video here:

Expect to pay around $17,000 plus GST for the standard-spec mower with 7-hours of continuous run time. (And don’t forget to subtract three year’s fuel and maintenance savings of around $23,000 so you can compare apples with apples).