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Yale University to use electric mowers

Yale University in the US has made the decision to replace diesel and gas-fuelled grounds equipment with electric alternatives. This is part of a worldwide trend where educational institutions and large corporates are choosing to have their grounds maintained by clean, electric mowers and other equipment. The full story can be viewed here.

The Science Behind Climate Change

Professor Will Steffen provides an excellent overview of the challenges we all face in addressing climate change. We are fast running out of time to take meaningful action that will prevent the planet reaching a tipping point that could be catastrophic for mankind. Highly recommend taking the time to view this video.

LA State University Drops Fossil-Fuel Powered Landscaping Equipment

An older, gas-powered lawn mower releases about as much pollution into the air in one hour as 40 late model cars or as a single SUV traveling 23,600 miles, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The turfed corners of a leafy, college campus may not bring to mind images of lung-choking plumes of air Read more about LA State University Drops Fossil-Fuel Powered Landscaping Equipment[…]

The Electric Landscape Maintenance Revolution

Can electric equipment revolutionize landscape maintenance? Thanks to advances in battery technology, brushless motors and controllers, cleaner, quieter and healthier alternatives to gas-based engines are available today, and only getting better. Read more here.