July 15, 2017


Why should I go electric?

First and foremost because you care about the health of your operators. Diesel fumes are carcinogenic and are proven to cause lung cancer. Also, why subject operators to excessive noise when an alternative is available? Secondly, we are great supporters of electric cars, but you get 10 times the impact from taking just one diesel mower off the rack. Finally, clients will appreciate your commitment and reap the benefits from cleaner air and less disruption to their activities when you mow.


What are the economic benefits?

We can supply spread sheets for you to do your own calculations so please feel free to contact us at any time. However, if you are operating for the average of 1,000 hours per mower on a 60 inch diesel zero-turn, you can look forward to savings of at least $10,000 per year in fuel and maintenance. Think about what would happen if oil prices were to rise from their current very low levels.


Are these machines robust?

Yes, Mean Green Mowers are purposely built with the commercial mowing operator in mind. They are constructed from thick-guage aluminium and steel and are built to last. The image of a flimsy electric mower powered by a cord is a thing of the past.


Do they have enough power?

Yes, they are rated the same, or better, in terms of HP than similar mowers in their deck class.  Moreover, you get instant power, there is no waiting for belts and pullies to get up to speed.


How long can they mow for on one charge?

The larger industrial versions of the WBX-33, SK-48 and CXR52/60 all provide 7 hours of continuous mowing. Please refer to the specifications of each machine which list the mowing times per number of batteries installed.


How long do they need to charge up?

The smaller mowers, just a few hours, which can be shortened further by using optional quick chargers, but normally the machines would charge up over night and be ready for operation the following morning.


Can the chargers be left on over the weekend?

Yes, once at full charge the charger will shut off. In the unlikely event that something happened to the charger, the battery management system on the mower also acts as a failsafe and refuses any more power once fully charged.


What is a battery cycle?

A battery cycle means the number of times a battery can be fully discharged from a fully charged state. But, you are unlikley to fully discharge the battery every time you use the mower.


What is the life of the batteries?

Simple answer is that they will most likely outlast the mower itself. The batteries have been third-party tested to hold 90% of useful capacity after 1,200 cycles. For example, the larger CXR-52/60 has a run time of 7 hours. So, 7 hours times 1,200 cycles equates to 8,400 hours of useful life.


A battery malfunction?

The Mean Green Lithium Energy Modules, or batteries, used in the mowers are actually a bank of separate cells. So, in the unlikely event of a malfunction, it is just a matter of replacing a faulty cell and not the entire battery.


Will repeated charging lessen the life of the batteries?

No. Please make sure you charge up every night. There are no harmful effects on the batteries from recharging even if you have only used the mower for a few hours in the day.


What happens if I do run out of power?

You should notice less power from the blades, and then they will automatically cut out. You will have enough power in the batteries to drive yourself back to your trailer or base station after the blades stop rotating.


How quiet are the mowers?

The decebel system is a logarithmic scale, which means there is a huge difference between the 72~82 decebel (dB) range of Mean Green Mowers and the 95 plus dB range of diesel and petrol mowers. Petrol blowers can get up to 110dB so consider the ORV-BLAST option – look after your hearing and keep your clients happy.