Because it just makes sense

The Best electric mowers on the planet are now in New Zealand

Quiet, Efficient, Green

When an idea makes good common sense and is the right thing to do, most doers will take action. One hot summer day in 2008, an idea was conceived somewhat out of desperation, but mostly, because, it just “made sense”. After dealing with countless trips to gas stations, typical headaches from exhaust fumes, piercing engine noise, and continuous repairs to hydrostatic drives, belts and engine issues, we decided there must be a better way to build a zero turn mower. When some basic research was done, it was quickly discovered that outdoor power equipment, especially mowers, produced disproportionally high harmful emissions and operated extremely inefficiently. We decided to put our creative side to work and build an electric mower that would be much quieter, produce zero emissions, have minimal routine maintenance, and pay for itself in fuel savings.

Joe Conrad, President of Mean Green Mowers


Ride on Electric ZTRs

EVO 96 Winger

The industry’s largest electric zero-turn mower, with a massive 96″ mulching rear discharge deck with electronic folding wings that reduce the mower’s width to 72.5″ for easy transport.

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Rival 52 / 60

With up to 7 hours of continuous mowing time, the choice of a 52″ or 60″ deck, speeds up to 18.5 km/h, and horsepower comparable to a 36hp petrol mower, the Rival is sure to please any mowing operator.

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Nemesis 48

Commercial Mowing of smaller lots (2 hectares per day) or Lifestyle Mowing with a commercial quality machine.

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EVO 74

The Mean Green flagship EVO 74 is finally here!

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Stand on Electric Mowers

The Vanquish

The new VANQUISH™ model brings stand-on mowing to the Evolution Series of commercial, electric mowers. Available with a 52″ or 60″ cut (side/rear discharge), the VANQUISH runs for up to seven hours continuously at speeds of up to 18.5 km/h. The VANQUISH is a quiet, low maintenance, zero emission mower that is built for all-day professional use.

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The Fury

The FURY is Mean Green’s compact stand-on mower, designed to allow access to areas that most other commercial mowers are too wide to enter. With a mowing width of either 32″ or 36″, the FURY joins Mean Green’s full-sized stand-on, the VANQUISH (52″ or 60″) to complete the line of commercial, electric-powered, stand-on ZTR mowers that can run all day on a single charge.

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